Easy Record Studios

Recording, Post-Production, (Voices & Instruments) Improvement , MAO lmprovement

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Musical Genre

  • Rock, Funk, Rap, Hip-Hop, Urbain,Reggae, Variétés, Pop

Business Level

  • Professional

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  • ALL  ERecorders


Le Studio is here to: LEARN, CREATE, COMPOSER, RECORD, POST-PRODUCTION (Dubbing, Voice-Over).

Le Studio is available to  Sound Engineers Member (our ERecorders). We welcome any Artist, Group (lead singer, backvocal, E.guitare, A.guitare, bass, acoustic and/or electronic drums, pianist). Our 5 cabins allow you to record. We also welcome teachers, voiceovers, Post-Production Engineers.

Le Studio is equipped of market pre-amp (Neve Portico, WA73, SSL, API 500, Chandler TG2); SSL500 bus-compressor; a variety of microphones to supply the 32 analog inputs (U47, U87, RE20, Slate ML-1, SM7, KM184, C414 pair, C451B, Heil Sound PR2out, audix D6, from Aston; coles 4038 pair…); instruments, amplifiers (VOX AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, EBS).

In Recording Cabin : Our loudspeakers  DYNAUDIO , NS10, KR, HS8 are at your disposal. Digital Patch. Main Softwares available (Protools HD12, LOGIC, ABLETON, CUBASE 10, NUENDO Pro), including  UAD, WAVES, PLUGIN ALLIANCE, FABFILTERS PLUGs , and others…

Milestones for the Studio

  • 2017 - Build the Project STUDIO
  • 2020 - Commercial Opening of EASY RECORD STUDIOS for ERecorders
  • 2020 - Music Production , Post-Production , Artist 's improvement