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Introduction Word from the CEO

Whether you are a Beginner professional, half-Professional or Professional, you have come to the right place.

Easy Record Management is at your disposal so that you can develop, exist, subsist from your production, in administrative and financial security.

The organization put in place requires formal support, on very specific performance criteria, whatever the country:

⇒Qualification of your business level, qualification of your scenic level,
⇒your individual performances, your group performances,
⇒your medium and long term projects, including the financing strategy
⇒Identification des droits et leurs répartitions pour la maîtrise de vos revenus
⇒Identification of rights and their distribution for controlling your earnings
⇒your Fanbase
⇒the territories

Is this your job?
To become an ERecorder, you must at least be a self-entrepreneur or have association status, or have valid company status, … or any other business status.

It’s by the corporate RIB that all transactions will pass.


Madam Sylvie CAYOT
Founder – CEO