Clients : Becoming  ERecorders !

By becoming ERecorder you will be able to:

  • Have a dedicated showing page, on iEasy Record Platform
  • Benefit from increased visibility on our Main Slider regularly
  • Offer your services to your customers, via iEasy Record Platform: with ease

And all for free

To become ERecorder, please fill out the form below carefully. Be sure to take care of your texts, your profile picture and information : these are the elements that will allow you to be see!

Pour pouvoir valider votre demande, vous devrez également nous transférer les documents suivant, via WeTransfer (cf formulaire ci-dessous) :

  • Your ID / passport (pdf)
  • Your company RIB
  • Your Immatriculation number (pdf ou .doc)
  • Power of representation(pdf) if you represent an association or a legal person. The power of representation must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of subscription to the Member profile. ;
  • Your company Kbis, if you are of legal form  SAS, SA, EURL.
  • Affiliations to federations for artists, dancers, actors, authors, composers
  • Label contracts associated / existing, national and international agency for artists, dancers, comedians, authors, composers
For example your artist pseudo. This name will be the title of your showing page
Avec une courte phrase de description pour chacune.
1 lien YouTube vers une vidéo de présentation + 3 liens YouTube max vers vos productions
Cf liste en haut de cette page. Veillez à fournir l'ensemble des éléments, sans quoi votre demande ne pourra aboutir.