About Easy Record Company

It’s the birth of an ambition: To allow those whom music brings together, to EXIST & SUBSIST through their work.

Starting from a simple observation: Too many muffled Talents, low paid professional Artists at the height of the fruit of their endeavor and therefore low in business profitability, added to this the deficiency of development strategy on number of international markets etc.

Then, it was the idea of ​​a new method: Collaborate differently and get out of traditional circuits to bring people the “Entrepreneurs”, the “Freelancers”, the “Independent Labels “: Whether you are Artists, Producers, Directors, Sound engineers, Studio Managers, Audiovisual professionals, Event (bookers, Turners, Stage Managers, Local Partners), and Communication (Marketing, Désigner, Social Media, Community Manager…)

Thereby Easy Record brand was born by CEO Founder  Madam Sylvie Cayot.

Created in Year 2020, there are 4 Subsidiaries Companies:

  • iEasy Record (Booking Platform & Merchandising Store)
  • Easy Record Management  (include Easy Record Live )
  • Easy Record Studios (Recording & Music Production)
  • Easy Record Crowdfunding (include  Investments )

An iconoclastic investor, visionary and graduated from Abbey Road Institute France,  Madam Sylvie Cayot is evolving since 30 years in Music Industry, whose opportunities she has grasped and perceived the limits.

Game-changing; Easy Record brand wants strike just and strong by building its organization on strong values, its 3 founding pillars: 1) Strength and Stability, 2) Creativity, 3) Elegance.

Strength and Stability :

EasyRecord brand ensures his Members can focus on Music Production, by providing them tools they need to develop. They are an essential support in the structuring of interactions between music players and are distinguished by a global vision of the project (legal, marketing, accounting, marketing), risk taking as a person (investments) and particular attention to ( shows production).

Creativity :

I†’s the Signature’s Easy Record Company. For Madam Sylvie Cayot, Creativity is first, our Core business, no limits, no borders. Be inspired! Be authentic! Don’t forget Emotion, it transmit through your interpretation.


Elegance through work Individual and/or Collective Respect, benefit for the Client Member’s project (s). Elegance by which any commitment made, is kept in all circumstances. Elegance in respect with agreed Rights, for each  stakeholders of the project (s). Elegance with respect for each Member (ERecorder),  because we defend the aforementioned values.

As you can read: by Easy Record Company, our Ambition goes far beyond Music. What we want is to offer You, a new international ecosystem 360 ° into which, You are the center, respectful of people, their culture and their work.

Are you a Music Industry professional & passionate?  Do you want to exist by your Craft?  Don’t hesitate, Welcome as ERecorder!